A belated Merry Christmas and a Three Sentence Thursday

Wow, it has certainly been a while. I guess a week of celebrations will do that.


I would like to start off by saying a belated Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you had a super blessed Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We spent Christmas Eve with some of my side of the family, which always proves to be a fun night. Lots of laughter and craziness as we play games like “Guess the song” where one of us chooses a favourite old album from yesteryear and we make the other family members try to remember the names and lyrics f each song. It always ends in hilarity as everyone joins in the singing, whether in key or not, and the ridiculous dancing, trying to outdo each others dance moves. And this is all done mostly sober.

That’s my family for you though. We’re all a bit nuts.


Santa also made an appearance to eat this cookie and drink this yummy milk.  There was much squealing from my girls at the empty glass and plate on Christmas morning, as well as the long letter Santa left for them.

Christmas day was spent at home with both sides of the extended family over for a huge Christmas lunch. Always fun and always filling, it was a lovely way to spend Christmas.

Of course, boxing day sales had to be braved. It was beyond nuts and I don’t know why I do it to myself every year…actually, my $100 down to $10 cream leather boots are why I do it every year. Still, crazy nonetheless.

Then, it was our youngest munchkins 4th birthday today (I told you, this is a crazy week for us. Hubby’s mum’s birthday is on Saturday too!).So it was down with the Christmas decorations and up with the birthday decorations late last night, so she would get a lovely surprise this morning. She has had a wonderful day and she was spoiled rotten, as always. She is growing up so fast, it is terrifying watching the speed at which she is growing. Incredible!


Now that we’ve caught up on the last week or so, it is time to get down to business…


It’s a bit of a random one today. Sometimes three sentences just isn’t enough, but that’s the way it goes. Take it how you like, but here it is…

Between the gruesome murder of Amy Davenry at school last week, and the discoveries that Jude and I have made about each other (but not yet brought up), I have a lot on my mind. A lot of stuff that I cannot share with Molly, my new human best friend. And a fair amount of stuff I can’t share with Jude, my not-so-human sort of but not really boyfriend.

Of course, this comes from my WIP novel Bite Me!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous week leading up to the new year. We will remain busy for a few more days with more birthdays and new years parties, but then it will be back to semi-normal…to be honest, I am looking forward to the semi-normal.


School’s out!

Sad to say, I have not been doing a lot of writing recently. I have, however, been kept rather busy editing with one new client and one potential client. So all is good on the editing front.

It is also school holidays here in Queensland (well, for my kidlets it is anyway) and it is a lovely hot summer. So we have been going here a lot…


And you know what?

I think this was exaclty what I needed in order to get back into the writing groove.

The reason I have not been doing the regular three sentence thursday is because I had nothing to share with you.

However, I am happy to report that I bashed out another one and a half thousand words last night, and I am back in the writing groove!

So without further ado, here is Three Sentence Thursday:

I slowly stand up, still not taking my eyes from Jude’s until I am at my full height. Then in one swift movement I turn around and punch Elias as hard as I can square in the cheek. The connection is an audible crack and it sends Elias reeling backwards.

Hopefully we can get to the beach a lot more, because that seems to be where my muse has been residing all this time.

Not much writing going on here

As my title states, I have not been doing much writing of late. Sure, I’ve managed a couple hundred words here and there, but I just have not had the time, or energy for that matter, to sit down and just write. I am hoping this trend is going to end sooner rather than later.

However, do not despair! I have written enough new stuff to provide you with a tantalizing Three Sentence Thursday (as you can tell, I don’t even have much time to blog, except for this little segment…I am going to have to rectify this no time situation quickly or I stand the chance of being dubbed ‘boring,’ and ‘predictable,’ and I definitely do not want that).

I must also apologise for the lack of imagery lately, I haven’t been trawling for pictures lately due to my lack of time. I will jump on that and rectify this problem before my next post. I promise!

So here it is, my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

“Please Summer, just promise me,” he whispers, pleading with his eyes. Not the puppy dog eyes he used on me earlier, but eyes full of seriousness and concern.

“Okay Jude, I promise,” I lie straight to his beautiful face, and I hate myself for it.

And with that, I will sign off.
I have some time to find, chase and capture.

Yeah, yeah I know…so bite me!

You see what I did there??? Haha, of course you did.
As per usual, Three Sentence Thursday is late.
I could give you the excuses that I got called for work, that I had a late meeting the night before that and that I was absolutely exhausted when I got home again.
All that is true, but it is also true that I simply forgot…again.
And I know you don’t want my excuses, you just want the goods.
So here are my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

That same static current that I felt at the swimming hole yesterday when I thought someone had been watching us fills the air making the hair on my arms stand to attention. It is much stronger than yesterday and there is a malodorous odour hanging around in the air. “Can you smell that Jude? It smells like iron, like…”

Oh yes I did!
Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Besides, if I gave you any more it would be four sentences instead of three, and we can’t just go and destroy the sanctity of Three Sentence Thursday by adding a fourth sentence…sacrilege!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my sometimes day job.

It’s a Miracle

Would you believe it? I actually remembered that today is Thursday.
Sure, it may be Thursday night here in Australia, but it is still Thursday.
And you all know what that means…
yup, that’s right, it’s…


So here it is, my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

Tiny points of light dot the ceiling of the cave by the hundred, like constellations of stars on a clear night out in the countryside. They are so close I could touch them. I reach my hand up to gently touch one of the little sparkles, but Jude grabs my wrist before I can touch it.

And there you have them.

I hope you are all enjoying Three Sentence Thursdays. It is really huge for me to share any of my WIP with anyone, so I hope you all feel really special. If you like what you are seeing, please leave a comment (I need all the encouragement I can get…no, really).

This is Australia


As you all know, I live in the Land Downunder and I’m proud of it. Also, this statement above is almost totally true! Two days ago, our loyal doggie, Lula, found a nice big snake in our backyard. Okay, so it was a carpet python, not really venomous in comparison to other species we have here, but a snake none-the-less. The first one for the snake season to be found on our property (which is an acre in total). In saying this, we have lived on our current property for 3.5 years now and this is only the 4th snake we have come across. The first was an ENORMOUS carpet python – but it was dead when we found it (and stinky to high heaven!). The other two were small red-bellied black snakes. These are venomous and could kill a child, and possibly a small adult (nasty!). And now this 2 metre python (which I really hope has moved on of it’s own volition).

The very next day I dropped my kids at school and daycare. Miss 7 came home after school and told us that she had spotted a light brown, BIG snake on the steps at school – most likely a King Brown, one of the most deadly snakes on the continent. Needless to say it was dealt with swiftly, though maybe not cleanly, with a shovel to the head. So when we say that there are thousands of animals down here that can kill you, we really mean it!

Onto the next topic, which is Three Sentence Thursday, yes I know, I did it again. Sorry. So without further ado, here are my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

“Jude, I haven’t trusted anyone in a very long time, why should I trust you?” My eyes are still closed and my feet won’t budge. For some reason, I want desperately to trust him but I’m just not so sure that I should.

Other than that, I have not done very much writing in the last couple of weeks at all, what with school starting back and kid’s dentist appointments, and me hitting the gym again to get my bikini bod ready for a Gold Coast Summer (can anyone say sunlover???). And let me tell you, at my current age (which is almost 29 for the third time), it takes a lot more work than it used to to get into shape. The school holidays threw me right off track and I pretty much am having to start all over again. Plus, I have just started editing another short story for one of my favourite clients, Donovan Sotam. This one is so funny, but I’m not going to give any of it away. You’ll just have to read it yourself to see what I mean.

Now, I am going to go and stare at my WIP and see if I can magically make some more words appear on the blank pages. Wish me luck 🙂

Three Sentence Thursday…uh…Friday

I know, I know. I’ve only just started doing Three Sentence Thursday, and I already forgot to do the post for it. Go figure. The kids are on school holidays and all my days have merged. I am never sure which day it actually is. All I can be sure about is when it’s night and when it’s day (you know, the whole dark and light thing, kinda helps).
Plus, I used up all my bandwidth and couldn’t get online for a few days. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

So, I guess you want those three sentences then, seeing as they are already late and all. You don’t want to listen to (read?) my rambling on about it. You just want it. Okay. fine then. Here it is, from my WIP novel Bite Me! (which is almost at 30,000 words now. YAY!)…

“A girl after my own heart,” he says, his eyes sliding shut and placing one hand on his chest, right over his heart. His amazing lips tip up at the corners into a wide grin of pure satisfaction. “Finally,” he adds in a whisper.