What’s in a name?

So I thought I would explain the new name for my blog.

Originally I had wanted to call it “Scribbly Gum” but I thought most people wouldn’t get that. Unless you are Australian, and you spend time out of doors in the Australian bush, you wouldn’t have a clue what a scribbly gum is.

A scribbly gum is a very majestic and beautiful gum tree found just about all over Australia. They are particularly common in the national parks around where I live. It’s name comes from the “scribbles” all over the trunk and branches of the tree made by the burrowing larvae of a moth called Ogmograptis scribula.


Isn’t it stunning?

These trees were the inspiration behind the name change, and I thought it rather appropriate seeing as I am an Aussie wannabe author and all, scribbling notes down on any piece of paper I can get my hands on.


This is Australia


As you all know, I live in the Land Downunder and I’m proud of it. Also, this statement above is almost totally true! Two days ago, our loyal doggie, Lula, found a nice big snake in our backyard. Okay, so it was a carpet python, not really venomous in comparison to other species we have here, but a snake none-the-less. The first one for the snake season to be found on our property (which is an acre in total). In saying this, we have lived on our current property for 3.5 years now and this is only the 4th snake we have come across. The first was an ENORMOUS carpet python – but it was dead when we found it (and stinky to high heaven!). The other two were small red-bellied black snakes. These are venomous and could kill a child, and possibly a small adult (nasty!). And now this 2 metre python (which I really hope has moved on of it’s own volition).

The very next day I dropped my kids at school and daycare. Miss 7 came home after school and told us that she had spotted a light brown, BIG snake on the steps at school – most likely a King Brown, one of the most deadly snakes on the continent. Needless to say it was dealt with swiftly, though maybe not cleanly, with a shovel to the head. So when we say that there are thousands of animals down here that can kill you, we really mean it!

Onto the next topic, which is Three Sentence Thursday, yes I know, I did it again. Sorry. So without further ado, here are my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

“Jude, I haven’t trusted anyone in a very long time, why should I trust you?” My eyes are still closed and my feet won’t budge. For some reason, I want desperately to trust him but I’m just not so sure that I should.

Other than that, I have not done very much writing in the last couple of weeks at all, what with school starting back and kid’s dentist appointments, and me hitting the gym again to get my bikini bod ready for a Gold Coast Summer (can anyone say sunlover???). And let me tell you, at my current age (which is almost 29 for the third time), it takes a lot more work than it used to to get into shape. The school holidays threw me right off track and I pretty much am having to start all over again. Plus, I have just started editing another short story for one of my favourite clients, Donovan Sotam. This one is so funny, but I’m not going to give any of it away. You’ll just have to read it yourself to see what I mean.

Now, I am going to go and stare at my WIP and see if I can magically make some more words appear on the blank pages. Wish me luck 🙂