Review: Reawakened by Colleen Houck


Oh my gosh…it’s another review!!! I know right…enjoy…

When seventeen year old Lilliana Young enters the Metropolitan Museum of Art one morning during spring break, the last thing she expects to find is a live Egyptian Prince with godlike powers, who has been reawakened after a thousand years of mummification.

And she really can’t imagine being chosen to aid him in a quest that will lead them across the globe.

But fate has taken hold of Lily, and she, along with her sun prince, Amon, must travel to the Valley of the Kings, raise his brothers from the dead, and stop an evil, shape shifting god named Seth from taking over the world. All before the next full moon.

Let me begin by saying that I had never heard of this book or this author before…my head has been stuck in the sand of work for faaaaaar too long, I know. So when I saw it sitting on the shelf I had second, third and fourth thoughts of purchasing it. I think I picked it up and put it down on three separate visits to the book shop, then picked it up and put it down multiple times on the day I eventually purchased it…and I am so glad I did…I don’t know why I hesitated.

Now, history buffs will probably crucify me for this review, but I have to admit, I’m not hugely offended if a book doesn’t follow history or mythology perfectly…I mean, mythology was made up…and I think that gives authors licence to make up new mythology all the time, even if it’s based on old mythology…call me a heretic, I don’t care.

I enjoyed the pace of this novel, and I couldn’t put it down. It was comical in some areas, and a giggle or two escaped me at some of Amon’s antics…I do enjoy the whole, “I’m not of this world, so I don’t understand it, so I do dumb stuff,” kind of thing.

This book was a fun read, and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.

In saying all of this, two things did bother me a little (and I mean a little, they were not deal breakers, I just thought they were a little bit of a cop out). The first thing is that her parents are awful and only care about money and prestige…now maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up in that situation (I am not saying these situations don’t exist), but I am so sick of this trope. Can we please have more stories where the parents are not awful (I am a parent, I don’t think I’m awful). The second thing was that several times when Lily and Amon were in a bit of a pickle, magic comes to the rescue and they are easily saved…A little more thought could have gone in to some more plausible rescues…I don’t know. It annoyed me a little, but like I said, not a deal breaker.

Let me know what you thought of this novel, if you’ve read it.

I give it a healthy 4 stars.


Review: Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Rebel of the Sands

Okay, let me start off by saying, Yes, it has been several years since I last graced the pages of this sad, neglected little blog. I know this, I also know probably no one will come back to reading this after so long, but I thought it would be fun to start reviewing again. I will also say that my reviews are usually pretty short, and I don’t like spoilers much, so I will endeavour to do as little spoiling as necessary, if not any at all. Right, let’s begin…

Tell me how you want your story to go, he says, and we’ll write it straight across the sand.

Dustwalk is an unforgiving, dead-end town. It’s not the place to be poor or orphaned or female. And yet, Amani Al’Hiza must call it ‘home.’

Amani wants to escape and see the world she’s heard about in campfire stories. Then a foreigner with no name turns up, and with him she has the chance to run.

But the desert plains are full of dangerous magic. The Sultan’s army is on the rise and Amani is soon caught at the heart of a fearless rebellion…

Okay, so let me be honest…the actual reason I picked this book up was for it’s gorgeous cover…I mean, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but dang, it’s a pretty cover…and it’s gold…and who doesn’t like a bit of bling, right?

The other reason I picked it up was I saw it on someone’s Youtube book haul video (can’t remember who, sorry…perhaps Kristina Horner? Not sure) and again, the bling caught my eye (man, I must be really superficial!).

I won’t give the story away, because I enjoyed it, and I think you might too. I just want to say that the MC, Amani, is a strong willed, crafty, gun slinging female with a smart mouth which constantly gets her a beating by her uncle and aunty. She’s selfish as all get out at the beginning of the story, but her arc is beautiful, and the person that comes out of it in the end is someone who is not completely changed, but changed enough to make her likable. I must be honest, I didn’t like her as a person at the beginning of the book, and I was a bit worried about that. Another good thing…NO LOVE TRIANGLE! Now, I don’t mind a bit of love triangle every now and then, but seriously, it is nice to not have one for once.

Jin is an interesting character, and I liked him a lot, but I knew roughly who he was and what he was about within the first couple of chapters. I wish his character arc had been given a little more thought, and I hope in the next book we can see some of that arc for him.

It did take me a little while to figure out the setting, if it was in our time or not (there are guns, but also swords, knives and scimitars, as well as magical beings) so it took me a while to figure out…and even then, I wasn’t so sure…a desert…let’s just say it was set in a desert…which it was.

I really enjoyed this book, and couldn’t put it down and I am looking forward to book two…I hope I don’t have to wait for too much longer.

Over all I give it almost 5 stars…4.8 I guess. I’d love to know what you thought of it if you’ve already read it.

Cover Reveal for Isla’s Inheritance by Cassandra Page


So, my fellow blogger over at Aussie Owned and Read is having a book published soon…YAYAYAYAY!!! So proud of my awesome friend! And of course, when it comes close to publishing time it can only mean one thing…


So here it is…

Isla’s Inheritance by Cassandra Page


Genre: Young adult urban fantasy

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

Release date: 9 October 2014

Summary from Goodreads:

Isla was content to let her father keep his secrets, but now she can’t stand the touch of iron and her dreams are developing a life of their own. She must discover the truth — before it’s too late.

Seventeen-year-old Isla Blackman only agrees to participate in a Halloween party séance because Dominic, an old crush, wants to. She is sure nothing will happen when they try to contact the spirit of her mother. But the séance receives a chilling reply.


Isla doesn’t want to upset her father by prying into the family history he never discusses. When the mysterious and unearthly Jack offers to help her discover the truth, Isla must master her new abilities to protect her loved ones from enemies she never knew existed.

Goodreads page


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Author bio


Cassandra Page is a mother, author, editor and geek. She lives in Canberra, Australia’s bush capital, with her son and two Cairn Terriers. She has a serious coffee addiction and a tattoo of a cat — which is ironic, as she’s allergic to cats. When she’s not reading or writing, she engages in geekery, from Doctor Who to AD&D. Because who said you need to grow up?

Author links

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Goodreads


Isn’t it purrtyyyy!?!

Princess of the Light blog tour and guest post by N. N. Light

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Princess of the Light by N.N. Light

Release Date: August 26, 2014


Miriam Miller likes the simple things in life: a good book, close friends, and a healthy relationship with God. But, destiny comes calling, and her neat, little life turns upside down.


Ethanial, an angel of God, has been sent to reveal Miriam’s true calling -– she is the Princess of the Light, the woman chosen by God Himself to vanquish the demons intent on infusing the world with evil. And her first assignment: restore the soul of a homeless man known only as The Walking Man.


Enter Joe Deacons, a man intent on stealing her heart. But as Miriam embarks on her journey to save the Walking Man and fulfill her calling, it becomes clear that Joe isn’t what he appears to be. Miriam must decide: Is she willing to risk her soul to save those she loves?




Trailer Link:

Excerpt Link:

Author Bio:

N N Light Book Cover Photo

N.N. Light was born in Minnesota, lived in Southern California only to move to chilly Ontario, Canada to marry her beloved husband, Mr. N. She is blissfully happy and loves all things chocolate, books, music, movies, art, sports and baking.



Twitter: @NNP_W_Light



Buy Links: (To Come)


Anaiah Press:


Rafflecopter link


A Glimpse Inside the Heart of the Princess of the Light by N. N. Light


What would you do if you woke up one morning to an angel sitting on the edge of your bed proclaiming you are the Princess of the Light?  Would you laugh, cry, pass out or sit there in complete shock?  Would your heart beat fast and would you for a brief moment believe the angel?


This is the exact situation my main character, Miriam, finds herself in.  She is a woman in her late twenties and she in no different than you or I.  She loves her life and is making a niche for herself when Ethanial shows up.  Suddenly her whole world and everything she knows is shaken to the core.


What would you do?  I asked myself this question over and over as I was writing Princess of the Light.  Would I drop everything in my life from my career to my friends to follow God’s plan for me?  Surely He realizes that I have to still have a normal life. Can I be the Princess of the Light and still be me?


Miriam probably had these same thoughts.  She was a single woman when she discovered who she was.  She loved to hang out with her roommate, Amber, and her best friend, Penny.  She was in a career she loved and she was content.  Sure, she didn’t have a boyfriend but she was okay with that.  She loved her life and everything was going great.


Flooded with insecurity, Miriam must come to grips with the fact that out of the entire world, He chose her.  Take a moment to let that soak in.  One woman, chosen to be the vanquisher of darkness and to be the champion of the Light, must be the catalyst between good and evil.  Miriam’s head swims with self-doubt.


“What if I can’t do it? What if I fail? Will I go to Hell? Will the Lord punish me? Oh, Lord, please help me to understand.” Before Ethanial had a chance to respond, the woman closed her eyes and simply fainted. – ©Princess of the Light by N. N. Light


Just because she is now the Princess of the Light doesn’t mean that she suddenly is devoid of doubts.  In fact, the stakes just got higher.  She must channel the Light to speak the Truth and have a pure heart.  It’s easy to give into the inner demons who tell you how weak you are.  Miriam doesn’t do that, though, and she confronts her inner demons head on.


I hope that as you read, Princess of the Light, you will put yourself in Miriam’s shoes and see how an ordinary person can change the world.  You’ve just gotta have faith and spread the Light!


COVER REVEAL TIME!!! Forget Me Not and Remember Me by Stacey Nash

So, I have the greatest please to be in on the cover reveal for the newly soon to be republished Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash plus a bonus cover reveal for Stacey’s second book in The Collective Series, Remember Me. So, without further ado, here is the brand new cover for Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not

About the Book:

Genre: YA speculative fiction.

Since her mother vanished nine years ago, Anamae and her father have shared a quiet life. But when Anamae discovers a brooch identical to her mother’s favorite pendant, she unknowingly invites a slew of trouble into their world. They’re not just jewellery, they’re part of a highly developed technology capable of cloaking the human form. Triggering the jewellery’s power attracts the attention of a secret society determined to confiscate the device – and silence everyone who is aware of its existence. Anamae knows too much, and now she’s Enemy Number One. She’s forced to leave her father behind when she’s taken in by a group determined to keep her safe. Here Anamae searches for answers about this hidden world. With her father kidnapped and her own life on the line, Anamae must decide if saving her dad is worth risking her new friends’ lives. No matter what she does, somebody is going to get hurt.

stacey nash

About the Author:

Stacey Nash writes adventure filled stories for Young Adults in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. When her head isn’t stuck in a fictional world, she calls the Hunter Valley of New South Wales home. It is an area nestled between mountains and vineyards, full of history and culture that all comes together to create an abundance of writing inspiration. Stacey loves nothing more than writing when inspiration strikes.

And, as I promised…here is the bonus cover reveal for the amazing Stacey’s second book in The Collective series, Remember Me…

Remember Me

And of course it wouldn’t be a cover reveal without pre-order buy links so you can run over as fast as you can and pre-snap those babies up, ready for reading very soon…

Pre-order buy links:

Amazon: &

iBooks: &

Google Play:

Oh, and I should also mention that this cover reveal was brought to you by the awesome people over at YAReads blog tours 🙂

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It has been yonkers since I left some love on my poor little blog. Sorry guys. Life got in the way…go figure.

The good news is, I have some cover reveals for friends coming up soon, and I’m part of a blog tour in August, which is pretty cool too.

Right now though, Pitcharama over at Aussie Owned and Read is happening…so exciting. Editor round is almost upon us and I have an AWESOME team! Just sayin’ 😉

Also, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of drawing and decided I might draw some chibi versions of some of my friends characters. I’ve done two so far and they have both been for the amazing K. A. Last and her book “Sacrifice” (which I highly recommend, by the way). So, without further ado…here are Grace and Seth 🙂

Bq881o2CQAASPpr Bq9_1FBCIAAG8-g

Anyway, I better get back to my job as team leader for Team Non Contemp over at Pitcharama.


Suse ♥

“Kiya: Mother of a King” Release day

Today is the day that the second book in the Kiya Trilogy releases; Kiya: Mother of a King.

You can find book one, Kiya: Hope of a Pharaoh HERE

To celebrate, Katie has opened up the comments on her blog for you to ask what you want to know about the series. And yes, book 3 is written and contracted so you will be seeing the final installment before you know it.

So, here is the details for Kiya book 2:

Amazon Kobo B&N Goodreads

Nefertiti has forced Naomi to flee Amarna with Malachi and the three children. But even under the protection of Naomi’s family in Thebes, Nefertiti still hunts her and Tut. Nefertiti sends assassins to kill them, and while Naomi fights to protect the children, Malachi fights to keep her safe.


With three children in tow, one of which isn’t her own, she is labeled the harlot outcast wife of the pharaoh and is shunned. She isn’t safe among her own people, and flees from being stoned to death. Although her family protects her, she must find a way to survive.


While Naomi struggles to keep herself and Tut alive, old adversaries return as Smenkhkare takes advantage of Akhenaten’s ailing health. Naomi must rely on Horemheb’s promise to protect Tut’s birthright, but her feelings for Malachi could cause more problems with Horemheb than she expects.




CQ is also hosting a giveaway for Kiya: Mother of a King on Goodreads! So jump in!

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KIYA by Katie Hamstead


by Katie Hamstead

Giveaway ends November 20, 2013.

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