One Lovely Blog Award

So, I have been tagged by the beautiful Amber Bardan in the One Lovely Blog Award…


The Rules

1. You must share seven things about yourself

2. You must pass the award to seven other bloggers

So here goes with my seven things:

1.  I am beyond terrified of spiders – give me a snake any day, but a spider will have me screaming and climbing the walls like a madwoman.

2. My dad was the person who encouraged me to start writing. He self-published his first novel last year and he has always had my back.

3. I just rang and cancelled a job interview for my almost dream job so that I could stay at home and be a good mum to my kids while hubby starts a new job which requires him to live away during the week. I didn’t want them wasting their time on me if I know I’m not going to take the job if it’s offered. So I will continue being a relief teacher for a little while.

4. Last year I read over 200 books (e books and hard copy books) – drove my hubby batty.

5. I have four manuscripts on the go, all at different stages. I like to have a few going at once because I get The Block very easily and I find the best way to ‘unblock The Block’ is to work on something else.

6. I am very crafty. I can sew, I can scrapbook, I can cook (well, sort of), I can make stuff…although, I rarely finish a project. I get bored very easily.

7. I would rather spend my hubby’s money on books than on clothes (although shoes come in at a close second).

The seven people I tag are:

Well, you see, herein lies the problem…I don’t know that many bloggers, and the ones I do know have already been tagged. So if you would like to be tagged, leave a comment on this post and I will tag you 🙂

Hope that wasn’t too boring for you 🙂


One thought on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Well I don’t need to be tagged, but lovely post. So sweet about your Dad:) I’ll make a deal with you, if we are ever in a situation that requires the removal of a spider and a snake, I’ll take the spidy and you take the snake. *shudders at the word snake.

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