What’s in a name?

So I thought I would explain the new name for my blog.

Originally I had wanted to call it “Scribbly Gum” but I thought most people wouldn’t get that. Unless you are Australian, and you spend time out of doors in the Australian bush, you wouldn’t have a clue what a scribbly gum is.

A scribbly gum is a very majestic and beautiful gum tree found just about all over Australia. They are particularly common in the national parks around where I live. It’s name comes from the “scribbles” all over the trunk and branches of the tree made by the burrowing larvae of a moth called Ogmograptis scribula.


Isn’t it stunning?

These trees were the inspiration behind the name change, and I thought it rather appropriate seeing as I am an Aussie wannabe author and all, scribbling notes down on any piece of paper I can get my hands on.


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