Three Sentence Thursday


I’m currently writing my first novel.

(Well, the first one that’s going to get finished. I had three on the go, all at different stages, when my laptop crashed and I lost EVERYTHING! Yes, I know, I’m an idiot for not backing up. Don’t worry, now I’m paranoid and I back-up my work every so many words to a zillion different places. I’ve learned my lesson.)

The working title for which is “Bite Me!”

Though, I am thinking of some other titles that might be better. I just didn’t want to have to say, when people ask what my WIP is called, “I don’t know.” It’s much easier to give a working title that kind of gives people an idea of what the book could possibly be about than having to explain myself in actual words.

I’ve only shared my writing with a couple of other people, but I have decided, with the help of the lovely Paige Nolley, that I am going to start doing Three Sentence Thursdays. Now, I know that some authors do Six Sentence Sundays, but I’ve only just gotten brave enough to share any of it at all. Six sentences at a time just seems rather overwhelming to me. Three sentences is far more manageable without having to sit in front of the computer hyperventilating into a brown paper bag every time I click publish.

The other thing I just know people are going to say is (especially those on the other side of the world from me), “but it’s not Thursday yet.” Well, actually, here in Australia it is. So I’ll be doing Three Sentence Thursdays in Australian time (just smile and embrace the crazy, okay).

So without further ado, here are my first three sentences to kick off Three Sentence Thursday:

“Before I can contradict myself (it’s amazing how something like going back to high school can make you doubt yourself) I march up the steps to the admin building and – SMACK – walk straight into the glass doors. I stumble backwards, trying to keep my balance as I ricochet off the thick glass, my ears ringing from the impact. Laughter erupts behind me and my cheeks blaze red hot.”

Just a side note: I will randomly pick three sentences from my WIP each Thursday. They will not be in any kind of chronological order.

And with that, I’m going to sign off. I have a full morning of fun to be had with my daughters and my mum, before I drop them off for a holiday sleepover with their other grandparents. Contrary to popular belief, writers actually do lead lives away from the computer. The exciting thing is, I may even have a whole afternoon to myself to spend writing.


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