It’s a Miracle

Would you believe it? I actually remembered that today is Thursday.
Sure, it may be Thursday night here in Australia, but it is still Thursday.
And you all know what that means…
yup, that’s right, it’s…


So here it is, my three sentences from my WIP novel Bite Me!

Tiny points of light dot the ceiling of the cave by the hundred, like constellations of stars on a clear night out in the countryside. They are so close I could touch them. I reach my hand up to gently touch one of the little sparkles, but Jude grabs my wrist before I can touch it.

And there you have them.

I hope you are all enjoying Three Sentence Thursdays. It is really huge for me to share any of my WIP with anyone, so I hope you all feel really special. If you like what you are seeing, please leave a comment (I need all the encouragement I can get…no, really).


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